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Iot Devices Customization Case

Industry Background

The value of the Internet of Things refers to the Internet where everything is connected. It is an extension and expansion network based on the Internet. It is a huge network formed by combining various information sensing devices with the Internet. The interconnection of machines and things. With the rise of the concept of the Internet of Things, a large number of Internet of Things devices have come out, changing everyone's work and life in all aspects.

Customer Needs

1. It is particularly difficult to purchase a display screen with a small amount of diversified products.

2. Lack of understanding of the specific parameters of the display screen, not knowing how to start in the face of various types and parameters of the display screen, and lack of professional guidance.


Diversified Customization, Flexible Production

The Internet of Things equipment industry is a large scope, ranging from household products to production equipment, all of which belong to the Internet of Things industry. With the rapid development of the Internet of Everything in recent years, more and more emerging industries have sprung up. Since then, their needs are also varied and in different shapes.

In order to help the development of the Internet of Things industry, Hifly Zhixian has launched diversified customized and flexible production solutions to provide customers with customized services. Customers do not have the advantage of looking back, and do not need to worry about the trouble of large MOQ and large inventory.

From The Beginning of Design, Professional R&D Personnel Follow And Guide

Many customers reported that they were using the display screen for the first time, and they lacked understanding of the specific parameters of the display screen. They did not know how to start with the display screen of various types and parameters, and lacked professional guidance. Hifly follows up the customer's project development throughout the process, implements effecive suggestions and guidance from early product design to mass production, and provides professional guidance in display screen selection, product dusign matching and other aspects.


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