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Videophone Customization Case

Industry Background

Videophone is a communication method that uses telephone lines to transmit people's voice and images in real time. It is composed of telephone, camera equipment, display equipment and controller. Videophone phones are used for talking like ordinary phones; the function of the camera device is to capture the image of the user on the other side and transmit it to the other party; the function of the display device is to receive the image signal of the other party and display image of the other party on the fluorescent screen. Unlike traditional telephones, it is endowed with more functions and is widely used in business and consumer fields.

Customer Needs

1. Videophones tend to have large screens at present, using touch buttons, and need to use touch-sensitive touch screens.

2. It is often impossible to find a manufacturer to directly order the display and touch screen, resulting in two prevarications for poor after-sales.

3. The production cycle of display proofing is long, resulting in missed market opportunities.


Flexible And Smooth Touch Experience

With the continuous development of videophones, large-screen, dual-screen and even multi-screen videophones have become a trend. Users can perform a series of intelligent operations directly through the display touch screen. The sensitivity of the touch screen is very important. Hifly Zhixian understands the pain points and needs of video phones. It adopts capacitive touch screen and supports multi-touch operation, which is flexible and smooth.

Display Touch Integrated Solution

Hifly Zhixian is affiliated to Shenzhen Hifay Optoelectronics Development Co., Ltd. The parent company has strong production, manufacturing, and R&D capabilities. It is a manufacturer integrating display, touch screen, and intelligent control panel. There is no need to separate the display and touch screen procurement, one-stop procurement to provide customers with efficient products and services.

Standard Products, Core Components Standing Stock

There are many LCD display components, and many manufacturers have a relatively long production cycle. Hifly Zhixian adopts a plan for standard products and core components to keep inventory in response to this phenomenon, which saves the procurement cycle for customers, let them seize market opportunities, and cooperate for a win-win situation.


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