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Face Recognition Customization Case

Industry Background

Face recognition is a biometric technology that identifies people's facial feature information. Use a camera to collect images or video streams containing faces, and automatically detect and track faces in the images, and then perform a series of face-related technologies on the detected faces, usually also called portrait recognition, face recognition. Face recognition products have been widely used in the fields of finance, justice, military, public security, border inspection, government, aerospace, electric power, factories, education and many enterprises and institutions. With the further maturity of technology and the improvement of social recognition, face recognition technology will be applied in more fields.

Customer Needs

1. The face recognition device needs to clearly display the captured picture, and the display resolution is low.

2. If the access control face recognition device is placed outdoors, the outdoor environment is exposed to wind and rain, and the display is easily damaged and cannot be seen clearly.

3. The face recognition device is powered on for a long time, the standby time is long, and the display screen is prone to burn-in and black screen.


Ultra HD Display, Clearer Display

With the rapid development of the face recognition industry, traditional low-resolution display screens have been unable to meet the needs of industry customers, and high-quality, high-definition LCD displays have become a trend. A series of high-definition display screens have been developed, and the highest resolution can reach 1080P, which can meet the different display needs of customers and enhance the competitive advantage of terminal products.

Precision Craftsmanship, No Fear of Wind And Rain

Face recognition products are the most widely used access control equipment, and some of the access control equipment is placed outdoors. The outdoor environment is exposed to wind, rain and sunlight, which undoubtedly presents a severe test to the LCD display. Hifly Zhixian LCD display industry standard, with the whole machine can achieve IP68 waterproof level, no need to worry about wind and rain. Ultra-high brightness, no fear of outdoor strong light, the maximum brightness can reach 1500cd/m², easy to deal with strong light exposure, the display is still clear.

Long Service Life

Another pain point of face recognition equipment is that it needs to keep the equipment powered on for a long time, the screen is not off, and the standby time is very long. There's a lot of customer feedback that the general display screen is easy to burn and black, and the large-scale face recognition equipment is expensive. After-sales maintenance costs are also very high. Choose Hifly Zhixian LCD display, which has a long life, long-time standby and uninterrupted power supply, and a backlight life of up to 50,000 hours, which is higher than the industry standard and is the best choice for face recognition equipment.


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