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Walkie-Talkie Customization Case

Industry Background

Walkie-Talkie is a terminal device for cluster communication, which can not only serve as a terminal device for cluster communication, but also as a professional wireless communication tool in mobile communication. It is a small, lightweight, and low-power wireless intercom suitable for handheld or bagged use, making it easy for individuals to carry around. It is widely used in public safety, energy, transportation, government emergency response, and industry and commerce.

Customer Needs

1. Traditional walkie talkie products can only hear sound and cannot see, achieving true intelligent voice intercom function

Due to the unique nature of the industry, strict requirements are placed on display screens, which many display screen manufacturers are unable to meet

3. Due to the fact that the walkie talkie belongs to a cluster communication device terminal, it is required that the display screen has good EMC performance


A Brand New Sensory Experience

According to the needs of different users, we provide industry customers with a brand new sensory experience, which not only allows users to hear, but also has ultra-high clarity and is safer to use. We also achieve real-time control of on-site situations at critical moments and make decisions in the shortest possible time.

High Reliability Performance

The environment where walkie talkie users are generally located is dangerous and harsh, so how to ensure their life safety? The performance of walkie talkies must be ensured to be unobstructed, which is the shield to protect their lives. Therefore, the core components of walkie talkies must have high reliable performance. Hifly Zhixian has launched a series of industrial grade LCD displays for the walkie talkie industry, and all aging tests, high and low temperature tests, vibration, drop, ESD, and salt spray tests are conducted before shipment to ensure that our products are highly reliable.

Good EMC Performance

The walkie talkie is a wireless communication tool that has stricter anti-interference requirements for core components. Large interference can affect the communication effect of the walkie talkie, so it is particularly important for the display screen to have good EMC performance. The anti-static strength of the LCD display screen of Hifly Zhixian can reach ± 8KV contact discharge and ± 15KV air discharge, effectively improving the GPS signal of the entire machine.


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