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Health and Medical Industry Customization Case

Industry Background

With the rapid development of information technology, the medical industry is also closely following the wave of information technology, which not only improves the work efficiency of doctors, but also provides a good basis for medical big data. And medical informatization is inseparable from the support of hardware equipment. Every hardware device needs to use a screen, ranging from a blood glucose meter to a CT machine. The doctor needs to make a diagnosis and analysis based on the data displayed by the equipment.

The medical industry is different from ordinary consumer products. It puts forward correspondingly higher requirements and standards for LCD display screens, and the needs of different types of medical products are also different. So whether our Hifly Zhixian screen can accept this challenge?

Customer Needs

1. In order to cope with the special environment of the hospital and meet the alcohol wiping in the medical environment, the display screen needs to achieve antibacterial effect.

2. Doctors and nurses generally wear rubber gloves. How to ensure smooth operation when wearing gloves?

3. The traditional single display screen can no longer meet the current medical needs. Can the display needs of dual or even multiple screens be met?

Antibacterial, Anti-Corrosion LCD Display

The hospital is a place with a complex environment. Many medical devices require the surface to have antibacterial and anti-corrosion effects. In response to the special requirements , we Hifly Zhixian have also launched corresponding solutions. It can successfully prevent bacteria from adhering to the LCD screen, and the screen can be disinfected with alcohol for many times without worrying about corrosion problems.

Glove Touch

In the hospital, we can all see that doctors are wearing white coats, masks and gloves. What if the doctor wears gloves to operate the LCD screen? According to this industry feature, Hifly Zhixian has launched a glove touch display screen, allowing our doctors to easily understand the patient's physical condition while wearing gloves.

Multi-Screen Display

This year, the medical device industry is developing rapidly. The traditional single-screen display can no longer meet the needs of the medical industry. Dual-screen and even multi-screen are making great strides in the medical industry. Hifly Zhixian launched a multi-screen for the medical industry, to achieve dislay + touch integrated solution, and support customization.


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