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Smart Home Customization Case

Industry Background

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, smart home products have quietly entered people's lives. Smart home is based on the user's residence as a platform, using various communications and touch display technology to achieve display and control, and combine various home appliances, security and other facilities into a residential management system to create a safe, convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly home living environment. Smart home is widely used in villa residences, hotel business centers and office business centers, etc.

Customer Needs

1. Display, touch, and control panels are purchased separately, and the cost of purchasing and after-sales increases.

2. The traditional low-brightness, low-resolution LCD display can no longer satisfy the current customers, and more high-end products are needed to seize the market.


Display + Touch + Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction Integrated Solution

To realize the display and touch functions, we need the three main core components of the display screen, the touch screen and the control board. Many customers will purchase separately from different suppliers, and then find an assembly plant to assemble the display module to achieve the integration of display and touch. Realize the integration of display and touch. The disadvantage of this is the increase in procurement costs and after-sales costs. If centralized procurement can be realized, part of the cost will be saved. In Hifly Zhixian, one-stop purchase of display, touch and control panel can be achieved. We provide an integrated solution for it, which not only saves costs for customers, but also greatly improves efficiency.

High Configuration LCD Display Enhances The Competitiveness of Terminal Products

Traditional smart home products mostly use black and white screens, or low-resolution, low-brightness, low-contrast displays. With the advent of the era of large screens and color screens, traditional displays have been unable to meet the needs of high-standard and demanding customers. Hifly Zhixian has launched a series of high-definition, high-brightness LCD displays for the smart home industry, bringing a different sensory experience to end customers, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of end products.


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