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Handheld Terminal Customization Case

Industry Background

Industrial handheld terminals, also known as industrial PDAs, barcode handheld terminals, RFID handheld mid range all-in-one machines, etc. The characteristics of industry are sturdy, durable, and can be used in many harsh environments. At the same time, many optimizations have been made based on the characteristics of industrial use. Industrial grade handheld terminals can support both RFID reading and writing and barcode scanning functions, and also have IP64 industrial grade, which are not available in consumer handheld terminals. It is widely used in industries such as government, finance, logistics, transportation, healthcare, public relations, warehousing, etc.

Customer Needs

1. The damage rate of handheld devices is high, and the display screen is fragile. How to ensure the reliable performance of the product?

2. Customers from different industries use handheld terminal devices to provide feedback that the screen is generally unclear when operating outdoors. How can we solve this problem?

3. Handheld terminals have frequent usage needs, how can we ensure that the product can be durable?


Product Reliability, as Strong as Steel

The users of handheld terminal devices are generally logistics personnel, police officers, nurses, emergency rescue personnel, disaster relief personnel, forest patrol personnel, border patrol personnel, field operators, field explorers, etc. These workers have high work intensity and harsh environment, which requires relatively high reliability of industrial handheld devices.

And in response to this feature, Hifly Zhixian has launched LCD screens that are as strong as steel. Some people may say that LCD display panels are made of glass, how can they be as strong as steel? The LCD display screen produced by Hifly Zhixian, combined with the customer's entire machine, can achieve a 2.5 meter drop test without damage. In our Hifly laboratory, various aging tests, high and low temperature tests, vibration, drop, ESD, and salt spray tests are conducted one by one to ensure that our products are highly reliable, so that our customer's industrial handheld devices can easily cope with various environments.

Fearless of Outdoor Bright Light

Industrial handheld terminal devices are mostly used outdoors and are sensitive to the impact of light. Since establishment, Hifly Zhixian has focused on research and development efforts. In response to this industry phenomenon, it adopts highlight technology and can still see clear images under strong environmental lighting. Enable users to use without fear of strong outdoor light.


In terms of material selection, the industrial handheld device series displays all use well-known domestic and foreign suppliers' panels, ICs, backlights, and touch screens. Taking the service life of the backlight as an example, it can reach 50,000 hours, which is higher than the entire industry standard.


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