For an Introduction to Common Resolutions of 4-inch TFT LCD Screens

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  LCD screens have become an indispensable part of our lives, whether in smartphones, tablets, digital cameras or other electronic devices. Among LCD screens, TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) LCD screens are popular for their high resolution, bright colors and good response speed. This article will focus on 4-inch TFT LCD screens, introduce their common resolutions, and help you better understand and choose a screen that suits your needs.

4-inch TFT LCD screen

  The importance of 4-inch TFT LCD screen

  4-inch TFT LCD screen is a common size and is widely used in smartphones, small tablets, portable game consoles, medical equipment and various other portable electronic devices. Despite their relatively small size, the resolution of these screens is critical to image quality and user experience. The following will introduce some common resolutions of 4-inch TFT LCD screens, as well as their characteristics and uses.

  480x320 resolution

  Resolution characteristics: One of the lowest resolutions among 4-inch TFT LCD screens is 480x320 pixels. Although the resolution is relatively low, it still provides adequate image quality for some portable devices. This resolution is commonly used in inexpensive small smartphones, low-cost tablets, and simple embedded systems.

  Main uses: This resolution screen is suitable for applications that do not require high-definition images, such as basic navigation, text reading, and simple games. They are typically used for devices with a limited budget.

  800x480 resolution

  Resolution characteristics: 800x480 pixels is a common resolution in 4-inch TFT LCD screens, providing higher image quality. This resolution is common on smartphones, portable game consoles, and some low-end tablets.

  Main uses: The 800x480 resolution screen is suitable for general entertainment, social media browsing and lightweight applications. Although it is not HD resolution, it is enough for many users to meet their daily needs.

  1280x720 resolution

  Resolution characteristics: 1280x720 pixels is one of the representatives of high definition (HD) resolution, providing clearer and more vivid images. Although not as high a resolution as Full HD, it still provides excellent image quality on a 4-inch screen.

  Main uses: This resolution screen is suitable for users who have higher requirements for image quality, such as high-definition video playback, games and image editing. They are often found on high-end smartphones and high-quality portable media devices.

  1920x1080 resolution

  Resolution characteristics: 1920x1080 pixels is Full HD resolution, providing excellent image clarity and color reproduction capabilities. On a 4-inch TFT LCD screen, this resolution presents image details very well.

  Main uses: This resolution screen is suitable for those who pursue excellent image quality, such as high-definition video streaming, gaming, photography and visual design. They are typically found on high-end smartphones and some high-performance portable media devices.

  2560x1440 resolution

  Resolution characteristics: 2560x1440 pixels is one of the representatives of 2K resolution, providing impressive image clarity and detail presentation on a 4-inch screen.

  Main uses: This resolution screen is suitable for professional users who have very high image quality requirements, such as photographers, designers and video editors. They are often found on high-end media creation equipment and high-performance smartphones.

  The 4-inch TFT LCD screen has a variety of resolutions and is suitable for various applications and user needs. It is very important to choose a resolution that suits your needs, as it will directly affect image quality and user experience. Whether you are looking for a cheap and affordable screen or a professional user seeking the highest image quality, there are suitable 4-inch TFT LCD screens available on the market. I hope the introduction in this article can help you better understand screens with different resolutions and provide a useful reference for your next electronic device selection.

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