Customizing exclusive product solutions
base on customer needs

  • Wide Viewing Angle Solution
  • Wide Temperature Solution
  • Sunlight Visualization Solution
  • Touch Screen Surface Treatment Solution
  • Bright Light Visualization Solution
  • Touch with Glove Solution
  • Anti-Fog Touch Panel Solution
  • Vehicle Mount Computer Solution

Wide Viewing Angle Solution

IPS full view, 178 ° no dead angle, higher light transmittance, releasing colors from any angle

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Wide Temperature Solution

-40 ℃ cold resistance,+85 ℃ high temperature resistance, wide temperature design, easy to cope with harsh environments

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Sunlight Visualization Solution

Improving the visibility of LCD display screens under strong light conditions using optical bonding, semi-reflective and semi-transparent principles

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Touch Screen Surface Treatment Solution

Anti reflection (AR), anti fingerprint (AF), anti glare (AG)

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Bright Light Visualization Solution

Ultra high brightness, fearless of strong outdoor light, with a maximum brightness of up to 3000cd/m ²

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Touch with Glove Solution

Support glove, wet hand, and sweaty hand touch to meet the touch needs of different industries, materials, and thicknesses of gloves

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Anti-Fog Touch Panel Solution

In high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and other environments, the display touch screen is often covered by fog, which makes it impossible for users to use it normally.

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Vehicle Mount Computer Solution

Industry's first anti-vertigo full screen, equipped with a super powerful computing processor, supports ISOBUSVT, supports centimeter-level high-precision positioning, has excellent CAN bus capabilities.

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SHERNZHEN HIFLY ZHIXIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a subsidiary of SHENZHEN HIFAY OPTOELECTORNICS DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. which provides professional integrated pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services for customers based on the strong production, manufacturing, R&D and quality control system of the head office. We are a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales. Main service industries: handheld terminals, high-end cell phones, smart homes, IoT devices, health care, artificial intelligence, video phones, intercoms and other industry terminal brand customers.

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