Interpretation of performance parameters of UAV monitoring display screen

The UAV monitoring display is an important part of the UAV monitoring system, and its performance parameters directly affect the clarity, stability and display effect of the monitoring screen. The following will explain several key performance parameters of the UAV monitoring display.

1. Resolution: The resolution of the display screen refers to the number of pixels that the display screen can display, usually expressed by the numerical value of horizontal pixels and vertical pixels. Higher resolution means that the display can present more detail and clarity, and for drone surveillance, it can provide clearer images and videos.

2. Contrast: Contrast refers to the degree of difference between the brightest and darkest screens can display. A higher contrast ratio means the display is better able to show detail and color, and for drone surveillance, it can provide a more realistic and vibrant image.

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3. Refresh rate: Refresh rate refers to the number of times the display refreshes per second, expressed in Hertz (Hz). A higher refresh rate can reduce flickering and blurring of the image, and for drone surveillance, it can provide a smoother and more stable image.

4. Response time: Response time refers to the time from receiving a signal to displaying an image on the display screen, usually expressed in milliseconds (ms). The lower response time can reduce image delay and afterimage, and for drone surveillance, it can provide more timely and accurate images.

5. Viewing angle: Viewing angle is the maximum range of angles that maintain image quality and color accuracy when viewed from the front of the display. The larger viewing angle means that viewers can get the same good display effect from different angles, and for drone surveillance, it can provide a wider observation range.

The performance parameters of the UAV surveillance display are crucial to the normal operation and image quality of the UAV surveillance system. Choosing a suitable display screen can provide clearer, stable, smooth and accurate monitoring images, and provide better support for drone monitoring work.

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