What are the common sizes of drone surveillance displays?

The UAV monitoring display screen refers to the display device used in the UAV monitoring system, which is used to display the images and videos collected by the UAV in real time. According to different application scenarios and needs, there are many different sizes of drone monitoring display screens.

1. Small size UAV monitoring display screen

Small-sized drone surveillance displays usually use a screen size below 3.5 inches. A display of this size is compact and lightweight for portability and operation. It is generally used on a personal UAV flight controller or remote control to facilitate the manipulation and observation of real-time images and data of the UAV. Although the screen is smaller, the resolution is usually higher and the display is crisp.


2. Medium-sized drone monitoring display screen

The medium-sized UAV surveillance display generally adopts a screen size of 4 inches to 10 inches. A display of this size is suitable for use in a drone ground station or control center, providing a larger display area and sharper image details. Medium-sized display screens usually support a variety of input interfaces, and can be connected to multiple drone monitoring devices to provide richer display functions.

3. Large-scale UAV monitoring display screen

Large-size drone monitoring displays generally use a screen size of more than 10 inches. Display screens of this size are usually used in the command center or monitoring center of UAV surveillance systems, providing a larger display area and higher resolution, so that operators can observe and analyze images collected by UAVs more clearly and video. Large-size displays usually support multiple display modes and split-screen functions, which can display multiple images and videos at the same time.

The size of the UAV monitoring display varies according to actual needs and application scenarios. The small size display is suitable for personal control and observation, the medium size display is suitable for ground stations and control centers, and the large size display is suitable for command centers and monitoring centers. Choosing the right size can improve the effect and work efficiency of drone monitoring.

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