Hifly Zhixian: 9 basic parameters of LCD display

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  Many people begin to understand LCD screens by understanding the parameters of LCD screens. Generally, LCD screen manufacturers will give you specifications, and all the descriptions in the specifications are related to parameters. Then you know LCD screens. What are the basic parameters of the display screen? What specific parameters should you know when purchasing an LCD display? What do they mean? Today, the editor is here to share some useful information with you.

LCD screens

  1. LCD screen size

  Size is the core parameter. All specifications revolve around size. The price of LCD screen is also most directly related to size. Common sizes are 1.54 inches, 2.0 inches, 2.8 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches, 4.3 inches, 5.0 inches, 5.5 inches, 7 inches, etc.

  2. LCD display resolution

  LCD display resolution is also a core parameter. The higher the resolution, the clearer the pixels. Common resolutions are: 240320, 480854, 720-1280, 10801920, 1024600, etc.

  3. LCD screen dimensions (WHD)

  The overall dimensions of the LCD screen refer to the length, width and height of the entire LCD screen. When installing the whole machine, you must clearly understand this parameter in order to design the shape and structure of the whole machine.

  4. LCD display area (AA)

  The display area of an LCD screen is the area used for display other than the overall size. Generally, LCD screens have side widths. In recent years, many full-screen and narrow-frame displays have come out.

  5. Best viewing angle of LCD screen

  The best viewing angle of LCD LCD screen. Common viewing angles are 6 O'clock, 12 O'clock, and IPS LCD screen, which is a 178° viewing angle with no blind spots.

  6. LCD display interface type

  The interface type is also a parameter that requires special attention. It mainly depends on whether the interface type of the motherboard and the IC model match. Common LCD interface types include MIPI, TTL, LVDS, RGB, etc., and there are also HDMI, USB, etc. with boards. .

  7. LCD display brightness

  The brightness of the LCD screen is easy to understand. The brightness should be appropriate. It mainly depends on the industry used and the use environment to determine the brightness of the LCD screen. Outdoor ones require a display with high brightness, while indoor ones use normal brightness.

  8. LCD display contrast ratio

  The higher the contrast, the sharper the picture and the better the display quality. Generally speaking, the common contrast ratios of LCD screens are: 4:3、16:9、 18:9, etc.

  9. LCD display temperature

  Temperature is divided into two types: operating temperature and storage temperature. Generally, we mainly focus on the operating temperature. The temperature of ordinary display screens is generally between -10-50℃, industrial-grade ones reach between -20-70℃, and those with higher requirements Military grade ones should reach -40-85℃.

  To understand LCD screens, you must first understand these core parameters. Parameters are closely related to price, quality, application, environment, etc. To choose a suitable LCD display for end products, you must understand its basic performance. Didn’t the articles compiled by the editor help you? If you want to ask other questions about LCD screens, you can click to consult customer service.

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