Breaking through the Tradition of Agricultural Machinery: Hifly Zhixian Touchscreen Disrupts Innovative Solutions

  The touch screen of agricultural machinery is a very important technology in modern agriculture, which can help farmers more conveniently control and operate agricultural machinery. The touch screen of agricultural machinery is generally composed of high-performance touch chips and display screens, which have the characteristics of sensitive response and clear display. Through the touch screen, farmers can easily adjust the speed, direction, working mode and other parameters of agricultural machinery through simple gestures such as clicking and sliding, greatly improving the operational efficiency and convenience of agricultural machinery. At the same time, the touch screen of agricultural machinery can also display the working status of agricultural machinery in real-time, such as temperature, oil quantity, faults and other information, helping farmers to timely grasp the working situation of agricultural machinery and prevent and solve potential problems in advance.

8-inch agricultural machinery touch screen

  The agricultural machinery industry has always been an important support for agricultural production, and with the continuous development of technology, the emergence of Hifly Zhixian touch screens has brought a series of cutting-edge solutions to the agricultural machinery industry, greatly improving the intelligence level of agricultural machinery.

  1. Anti glare function

  The use environment of agricultural machinery is outdoor, and anti glare is required in sunlight. In order to meet the needs of agricultural machinery in outdoor environments, we have specially designed anti glare functions to ensure clear visibility in sunlight. This customized feature for agricultural machinery not only effectively blocks the strong sunlight, but also eliminates glare, allowing users to clearly see the information on the display screen. Therefore, whether in hot summers or dry areas with strong sunlight, agricultural machinery operators can easily cope with various environments and focus their attention on operation.

  2. Glove touch

  In order to facilitate users' operation during the operation process, we have also equipped the agricultural machinery with a glove touch function, which facilitates users to use the touch screen for operation during the operation process. This feature allows users to operate flexibly by touching the screen without removing their gloves. Users can easily use the touch screen to perform various operations, whether it is the harsh cold weather in frozen areas or the need to keep their hands clean on farms. This not only improves the convenience of operation, but also improves the work efficiency of operators.

  3. Multi touch

  In order to provide a better control experience, in addition to the glove touch function, our touch screen also supports multi touch. This means that users can use multiple fingers to operate simultaneously, achieving more flexible control. Whether it's zooming in or out of the map, or making multiple selections on the interface, users can easily complete it. This multi touch feature supports at least 5 touch controls, with higher operational accuracy and accuracy, allowing users to operate agricultural machinery more smoothly.


  4. High brightness

  Our touch screen products have excellent features to ensure excellent performance in all situations. Firstly, we have adopted a high brightness display screen with a brightness of over 1000, which allows users to see clearly even in strong sunlight. This means that agricultural machinery operators do not need to worry about sunlight reflection or light interference, and they can easily use touch screens in bright outdoor environments.

  5. Wide temperature

  In order to adapt to various climatic conditions, our products have wide temperature characteristics. Whether it's hot summer or cold winter, our touch screen can operate normally in high and low temperature environments ranging from -30 ℃ to+80 ℃. This allows agricultural machinery to operate reliably under any climatic conditions, without being restricted by adverse weather conditions.

  6. Long lifespan

  Our products also have an ultra long lifespan and can operate stably for a long time, ensuring the reliable performance of agricultural machinery. We use high-quality materials and processes to ensure that the product can maintain its performance while operating stably for a long time. Agricultural machinery needs to withstand long-term use and various challenges, so our touch screen can meet its durability needs and ensure the reliable performance of agricultural machinery. Whether it's sunny or rainy, cold or hot, our touch screen can operate stably in various environments, providing users with long-lasting services. This makes agricultural machinery operation more convenient and reliable, improving work efficiency.

  7. Industrial grade high reliability performance

  Our products have undergone rigorous industrial level testing and are highly reliable, meeting the working needs of agricultural machinery. We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure the stability and durability of our products. Whether in harsh weather conditions or complex farm environments, our products can operate stably and provide reliable work assistance to users.

  The emergence of Hifly Zhixian touch screen has brought breakthrough changes and opportunities to the agricultural machinery industry. After practical verification, agricultural machinery using the Hifly Zhixian touch screen has achieved significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency, decision-making accuracy, and convenient operation. In the future, with the continuous development and progress of intelligent technology, it is believed that Hifly Zhixian Touch Screen will play a more important role in the agricultural machinery industry and promote the modernization process of agricultural production.

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