Hifly Zhixian Touch Screen as a Frontier Solution for Cold Chain Handheld Terminals

  Cold chain logistics is a special logistics method that requires operation in a strict low-temperature environment. This extreme environment requires equipment not only to have efficient and stable performance, but also to have excellent adaptability and durability. Haifei Zhixian, with its advanced technology and innovative capabilities, has provided customers with new solutions in the field of cold chain handheld terminals.

Touch screen display applied in cold chain logistics  

  1、 -45 ℃ ultra-low temperature display

  Traditional display touch screens often encounter problems such as slow response speed and damaged display effects when working in extreme low-temperature environments. But the display touch screen of Hifly Zhixian can quickly heat up, ensuring that it can still work normally in an ultra-low temperature environment of -45 ℃. This is thanks to the use of superconductor materials. This material can quickly conduct heat under ultra-low power consumption of 1 volt power supply, providing continuous temperature support for touch screens and avoiding display failures caused by low temperatures.

  2、 1 second fast defrosting and defogging

  In the process of cold chain logistics, due to temperature differences, the display touch screen often experiences frosting and fogging, which not only affects the operator's vision but also affects the normal use of the equipment. But the display touch screen of Hifly Zhixian uses a special material that can achieve fast defrosting and defogging in 1 second. More commendable is that this defrosting and defogging process does not damage the screen's transmittance. Even in extreme environments, the display effect remains clear and bright.

  3、 Adaptability and durability

  In addition to the two major innovations mentioned above, the cold chain handheld terminal display touch screen of Hifly Zhixian also has excellent adaptability and durability. It can adapt to various complex working environments, whether it is high humidity, high salt spray, or low temperature, and can maintain a stable working state.

touch screen

  4、 User friendly design

  Considering that cold chain logistics personnel need to work in harsh cold environments for long periods of time, the display touch screen of Hifly Zhixian has specially adopted a humanized design. The touch is delicate, responsive, and supports multiple types of glove touch, allowing the operator to smoothly complete tasks even in harsh environments.

  5、 Compatibility with various cold chain equipment

  In order to ensure seamless integration of touch screens with various cold chain devices, Haifei Zhixian has conducted in-depth research and development work. The result is that its touch screen can not only perfectly cooperate with various sensors, scanners, and other devices, but also achieve real-time data synchronization, providing real-time support for logistics. At the same time, we also apply this design concept to the scanning head frame, allowing the scanning head to achieve 1-second rapid defrosting in ultra-low temperature environments and rapid recognition over ultra long scanning distances.

  The touch screen solutions provided by Haifei Zhixian in the field of cold chain handheld terminals have reached cutting-edge levels in terms of technology, performance, and user experience. This professional and efficient solution undoubtedly brings new development opportunities for cold chain logistics. Of course, this technology will be applied to more intelligent terminal products used in ultra-low temperature environments in the near future. Please wait and see!

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