The advantages, processes, and precautions of TFT LCD screen customization make your product unique!

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  TFT liquid crystal screens have been widely used in the current market, bringing many conveniences to manufacturers. However, as the market becomes increasingly saturated, how to make their products unique has become a problem that product managers must face. In this situation, customizing TFT LCD screens becomes a great choice, which can help your product stand out.

  TFT LCD screen customization

  What is TFT LCD screen customization?

  Customized TFT LCD screens are customized based on customers' personalized requirements, including style design, size design, and shape design for existing LCD screens. Customized SLCD customization, LTPS customization, and AMOLED customization are currently the main directions for LCD screen customization.

  Advantages of TFT LCD screen customization

  1. Specialization: Through TFT LCD screen customization, you can design the screen appearance and specifications based on product characteristics and unique requirements. This can fully meet the needs of customers, showcase product characteristics and uniqueness.

  2. Value added: The customized TFT LCD screen can adapt to more needs and markets, improve market competitiveness, and increase product added value.

  3. Cost saving: The customization of TFT LCD screens allows for precise control, reducing unnecessary waste and saving production costs.

  4. Accelerated time to market: With the customization of TFT LCD screens, the product's time to market can be shortened, and the development and marketing of the product can be accelerated.

  TFT LCD screen customization process

  1. Consultation: Based on the needs and wishes of users, understand the relevant customization needs.

  2. Technical solution: Based on the customer's needs, propose corresponding technical solutions and confirm the content.

  3. Sample confirmation: Sample confirmation is an important part of the entire customization process. Users can review through sample confirmation forms or physical inspections.

  4. Preparation materials: After the sample customization is completed, relevant materials need to be prepared, such as determining the process, production order, etc.

  5. Production: Based on the prepared materials, carry out production and ensure quality.

  6. Acceptance: For customized screens, strict and meticulous inspection is required, and only screens that meet the standards can be accepted.


  Before customizing the TFT LCD screen, the following points need to be noted:

  1. Try to fully understand the customer's needs, communicate and confirm in detail.

  2. Confirm the technical solution to avoid errors.

  3. Conduct sample confirmation work and check if the sample quality meets the requirements.

  4. Ensure the controllability and efficiency of the production process.

  TFT LCD screen customization is a great choice, which can be designed according to different needs to make the product unique and improve market competitiveness. Through a complete process and meticulous inspection, the quality of customized TFT LCD screens can be guaranteed.

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