The reason and analysis of the prominent price advantage of 3.5 inch screen

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With the popularization and continuous upgrading of smart devices, the screen size has become an important factor for terminal consumers to choose smart terminals. In the market, the 3.5 inch screen is favored because of its price advantage. This article will discuss the reasons and analysis of the outstanding price advantage of the 3.5 inch screen.

The price of the first 3.5 inch screen is relatively low, which has obvious price advantages compared with large-size screens. This is because the materials and technology required by manufacturers to produce 3.5 inch screens are relatively simple and the production costs are low. In contrast, the materials and technologies required to produce large-size screens are more complex and costly to produce. Therefore, the price of the 3.5 inch screen is more affordable, and it is more suitable for those smart terminal manufacturers who are sensitive to price.

3.5 inch screen

Compared with large-size screens, 3.5 inch screens save more power. The screen is one of the most power-consuming components in a smart device, and a large-size screen consumes more power because it requires more energy to drive. A 3.5 inch screen, on the other hand, is relatively smaller and requires less power, so it has a clear advantage in terms of battery life. For those devices with low power consumption, choosing a 3.5 inch screen can better meet their needs.

The 3.5 inch screen is more convenient to carry and operate. Compared with large-size screens, smart terminals with 3.5 inch screens are lighter, smaller, and easier to carry. At the same time, since the screen is smaller, it is more convenient to operate by hand, and users can perform various operations more easily. This is an important advantage for those portable devices.

The reasons for the outstanding price advantage of the 3.5 inch screen mainly include low cost, power saving, and easy portability and operation. These advantages make terminal equipment with a 3.5 inch screen more competitive in the market. Haifei Zhixian produces 3.5 inch screens all year round, and the price is more advantageous than the market. We welcome customers who need 3.5 inch screens to find us.

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