The price comparison of drone display screen and ordinary display screen!

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With the rapid development of drone technology, drones have become the new favorite of many people. The wide application fields of drones include agriculture, aerial photography, logistics and transportation, etc. As one of the important components of the drone, the drone display plays a vital role in the operation and control of the drone.

Let's take a look at the price of the drone display. The price of a drone display varies depending on factors such as its brand, model, size, and features. Generally speaking, drone displays with smaller sizes and basic functions are less expensive, and drone displays with larger sizes and advanced functions are more expensive. At present, the price of drone display screens on the market is roughly between several hundred and several thousand yuan.

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Let's compare the prices of ordinary display screens. Ordinary display screens are the display screens equipped with consumer electronics and other devices that we use every day. Compared with drone display screens, the price of ordinary display screens is generally lower. Generally speaking, the price of an ordinary display depends on factors such as its size, resolution, and refresh rate. The price of ordinary display screens on the market ranges from a few tens to a few hundred.

The price of the drone display is relatively high. This is because the UAV display screen needs to have special requirements such as higher anti-interference ability, higher brightness, higher resolution, and larger viewing angle. Ordinary display screens are relatively simple, and only need to meet general usage requirements.

UAV display also needs to consider its adaptability and reliability. Due to the special environment and working requirements of UAVs, UAV display screens need to have higher durability and stability to ensure normal operation under harsh conditions.

The price of UAV display is relatively high, which is determined by its special technical requirements and adaptability requirements. The price of ordinary display screen is relatively low, which is suitable for general daily use. When purchasing, drone manufacturing terminals need to choose a suitable display screen according to their own needs and budget.

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