What is the difference between a drone display and a normal display?

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With the continuous development of science and technology, drones have been widely used in various fields. As an important part of the drone, the drone display plays a key role in flight control and information transmission. Compared with ordinary display screens, drone display screens have the following differences:

1. Anti-interference ability: UAV display screens usually need to work in complex environments, such as high altitude, bad weather, etc. Therefore, the UAV display screen has strong anti-interference ability and can keep working normally under the conditions of strong light, vibration and electromagnetic interference. Ordinary display screens may appear blurred, flickering or distorted when encountering similar situations.

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2. Visibility under sunlight: UAVs usually fly outdoors, and the sunlight in the outdoor environment will interfere with the display. In order to solve this problem, drone displays usually use high-brightness LED backlights to ensure that images can still be displayed clearly under strong light. Ordinary display screens may have shadows or reflections under strong light, making images unable to be displayed clearly.

3. Range of viewing angle: When the drone is flying, the operator often needs to observe the position and flight status of the drone through the display screen. UAV display screens usually have a large viewing angle range, and images can be observed from different angles without distortion. The viewing angle range of ordinary display screens is relatively small, and images need to be observed within a narrow range of angles, otherwise problems of color change or distortion may occur.

4. Display content: The drone display usually displays more flight information, such as altitude, speed, heading, battery power, etc. This information is very important to the operator and can help him better control the drone. Ordinary display screens are more used to watch entertainment content such as videos and pictures, and display less information about flight control.

There are obvious differences between the drone display and ordinary display in terms of anti-interference ability, sun protection ability, viewing angle range and display content. These differences enable the UAV display to meet the special needs of UAV flight control, providing better display effects and user experience.

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