What details should be paid attention to when purchasing drone displays?

As an important part of the drone, the drone display plays a vital role in the operation and function of the drone. When purchasing a drone display, you need to pay attention to the following details:

1. Screen size and resolution: Choose a screen size and resolution that suits your needs. Larger screen sizes provide a better viewing experience, while higher resolutions display sharper images and videos.

2. Display brightness: UAVs are often operated outdoors, so the brightness of the display is very important. Choosing a display with a high brightness ensures that it will be clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

UAV display

3. Reflectivity and anti-glare ability: UAV display screens need to have good reflectivity and anti-glare ability to avoid interference from sunlight or other light. This ensures that the operator can clearly see the screen content in all lighting conditions.

4. Touch screen function: Some drone displays also have a touch screen function, which can be easily operated and controlled. When purchasing, you can consider whether you need this feature and choose a display with good touchscreen performance.

5. Durability and waterproof: UAV operations are often carried out outdoors or in harsh environments, so the display screen needs to have good durability and waterproof performance to ensure that it can work normally under various conditions.

6. Weight and size of the display: The weight and size of the display is also a factor to consider. A display that is too large or too heavy may affect the carrying and balance of the drone, so it is necessary to choose a suitable size and weight.

7. Compatibility: When purchasing a drone display, its compatibility with the drone system needs to be considered. Make sure the display is able to connect and communicate well with the drone's control system and other devices.

When purchasing a drone display, you need to comprehensively consider the above details, and make a suitable choice according to your needs and budget. Choosing a suitable drone display can improve the convenience and effect of operation, and improve the overall performance and user experience of the drone.

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