Intelligent LCD Display, Leading The New Direction of Industry Development

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With the rapid development of the LCD display industry, the development mode of industrial intelligent display has undergone earth-shaking changes, and intelligent products have become an indispensable part of our work and life, ranging from small smartphones and smart watches to large Smart cities, smart transportation, etc.

Judging from the current intelligence level of industry products, it has entered a new stage of "intelligent interconnection". With the popularity of intelligent and interactive intelligent LCD display market, it has triggered a new round of intelligent interconnection product upsurge, let us see that the industry has undergone a subtle and essential change, and we believe that a new era of intelligent display is coming.

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Many manufacturers have made great leaps in the development of sensing technology, intelligent control technology, Internet of Things and big data analysis technologies, and can be well integrated with LCD display products. The degree of intelligence of LCD display screens has been greatly improved. It also meets the increasingly refined and personalized product needs of the current market.

In particular, the blessing of interactive technologies including touch sensing, infrared sensing, face recognition, and VR has enabled the control and interaction of smart LCD displays to be able to achieve "smart" upgrades. It is believed that with the continuous evolution of technology, smart LCD display products can develop more humanized, personalized and intelligent functions, from simple intelligent interaction to self-optimization stage such as intelligent data analysis.

HIFLYZX has already actively entered emerging fields such as handheld terminals, high-end mobile phones, smart homes, Internet of Things equipment, health care, artificial intelligence, videophones, and walkie-talkies, and is gradually deploying the business development direction of the smart lcd display industry. More end customers come to Hifly Zhixian to carry out in-depth cooperation together, jointly conceive, discuss, and develop new products and technologies in the future, and give full play to the company's one-stop service strength in R&D and production in the field of intelligent terminal products , strive to create value for customers and achieve win-win sustainable development.

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