LCD Screen Customization Process

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In recent years, more and more industry terminals need to use a key component, which is the LCD screen, and the standard size LCD screen is not necessarily suitable for differentiated markets, so more and more customized project needs. Many customers will ask Hifly Zhixian, what is the LCD screen customization process like? Today, the editor will give you a detailed talk about the customization process of LCD screens.

1. Consultation

In the current Internet age, everyone's information is in a state of interoperability, and more and more people learn about products and purchase products through online consultation and telephone consultation. Whether it is through online telephone, online communication software or offline face-to-face, it is a pre-sales consultation. Generally, the LCD screen manufacturer will be informed of your specific needs and whether the other party can meet your needs.

2. Custom Proofing

Proofing can be made according to your specific needs, then the LCD screen manufacturer will tell you what items to open the mold, such as TP, FPC(Flexible Printed Circuit) or backlight need to open the mold, and communicate the mold opening and proofing fee. And according to customer needs to draw CAD drawings to customers for confirmation.


3. Contract Project Approval

The mold opening fee has been communicated with the two parties, and the drawings have been confirmed to be correct. Next, a contract needs to be signed for the internal proofing project of the  LCD screen manufacturer. Generally,  LCD screen manufacturers receive the mold opening fee before arranging the project approval, because the actual mold opening fee is not for LCD screen manufacturers, but for specific raw material manufacturers. For example, if FPC needs mold opening, then FPC manufacturers will charge mold opening fees, and LCD screen manufacturers only change hands in terms of fees.

4. Sample Making

It takes time to make samples. Generally, LCD liquid crystal screen manufacturers control the delivery time as a whole. According to the delivery time of Hifly Zhixian, the delivery time of module proofing is generally about 18-25 days, and the proofing time of assembly is 20-28 days cycle, if you encounter the May Day, China's National Day, and Spring Festival holidays, it depends on the situation.

5. Inspection And Shipment

After the samples come out, take Hifly Zhixian as an example. We will inspect all the samples and do a series of tests, such as aging test, vibration test, salt spray test, etc., and conduct tests according to the requirements of different customers to provide Professional test report . Reporting, ensuring reliable product performance, and arranging delivery or courier shipments.

6. After-Sales Service

It is not that we complete the task when the sample reaches the customer, but after the customer receives it, we must ensure that the customer uses it correctly, lights it up, adjusts the program, and completes the test to complete our entire LCD screen customization process.

The editor above introduced the detailed LCD screen customization process of Hifly Zhixian . I think everyone knows it. If you are looking for an LCD screen, you must choose a reliable LCD screen manufacturerOnly in this way can it complete the end product design and seize the market opportunity faster, more effectively and better.

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