What are The Connection Methods Between The LCD Screen And The IC?

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When it comes to LCD screens, everyone must be familiar with them. We use LCD screens as display devices in our work computers, handheld devices, etc., so our LCD screens can only rely on the LCD screen to display content. There needs to be a brain, and this brain is the IC we are talking about today, so do you know how the LCD screen is connected to the IC? Let the editor take everyone to solve this mystery!

1. COG of LCD Screen And IC Connection Method 

COG is one of the most common connection methods. The  meaning of COG is chip on glass, and the Chinese meaning is that the chip is directly bonded on the glass. This bonding method greatly saves space. The entire display is slim and ultra-thin, large mass production yield is high.


2.COF of LCD Screen And IC Connection Method

       COF is the IC chip installed on the flexible PCB, The meaning of COF is chip on film , this connection method does not need to go through any packaging form, the drive IC chip of the LCD screen is directly installed on the PCB(printed circuit board), it has high structural density, reduces the volume, and can realize Free bending, reducing overall weight, is also a widely used connection method.

3.COB of LCD Screen And IC Connection Method

COB is the IC chip directly bonded on the PCB. The meaning of COB is chip on board. This method is also a common bonding method in the current display technology. It is characterized by high equipment precision and a large number of processing lines. , For PCB boards with thinner gaps and smaller area requirements, the chips are sealed and protected with black glue after soldering and pressing, so that the solder joints and wires are not damaged by the outside world, and the reliability is high. However, after damage, it cannot be repaired and can only be scrapped.

Have you learned the above common connection methods between LCD screen and IC? The connection methods between the LCD screen and the IC are far more than these types. If you want to know more about the LCD screen, you can pay attention to our Haifei Smart Display. The editor will sort out new knowledge for you every day!

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