Wide Temperature Solution

-40 ℃ cold resistance,+85 ℃ high temperature resistance, wide temperature design, easy to cope with harsh environments


As LCD displays are widely used in special fields such as industrial control, electric power, medical treatment, transportation, aerospace, etc., due to the different environments in different industries, the requirements for display parameters are also different, and ordinary LCD displays have been unable to meet all walks of life. requirements, which also presents a severe test to the LCD display industry. Hifly Zhixian is a manufacturer of integrated display and touch solutions for industrial applications. It has devoted itself to the LCD display industry for many years, and has proposed a wide temperature solution according to the temperature requirements of special industries.


There are many LCD display parameters, including operating temperature and storage temperature. Currently, the liquid crystal materials used for LCD display are basically thermotropic liquid crystals. Once the specified temperature standard is exceeded, the liquid crystal material will lose its liquid crystal state and will cause no display or display abnormal state. Many equipment in special industries will be used in an environment where the temperature can reach -30 degrees Celsius, which will have a great impact on the normal use of the screen and the damage to the LCD components.


The wide temperature series products of Hifly Zhixian use wide temperature industrial control LCDs and new materials and IC driving methods in material selection to improve the high and low temperature characteristics of LCDs, making them extremely cold at -30°C and +80°C. It can still work efficiently and ensure excellent performance in severe ambient temperatures such as high temperatures.

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