Touch with Glove Solution

Support glove, wet hand, and sweaty hand touch to meet the touch needs of different industries, materials, and thicknesses of gloves


With the rise of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Everything, traditional mechanical buttons have been replaced by touch screens, which has also brought new challenges to the display industry. In industrial scenarios, workers wear protective gloves, and in medical scenarios, doctors and nurses wear rubber gloves, how to realize the touch screen with gloves of different materials and make its operation smooth is a difficult problem that we need to overcome.


When the fingers don the glove, a new overlay proportional to the glove thickness is added on top of the existing overlay, increasing the overall overlay thickness. It reduces the signal strength below a pre-defined threshold, so touches from gloved hands are generally not detectable.


By increasing sensitivity, the touch sensor can be tuned to support thicker overlays. Likewise, the touch sensor is tuned to detect the touch of a gloved hand. Increasing the sensitivity of the sensor means that it requires only a smaller change in capacitance to detect touch. Hifly Zhixian glove touch solution can meet the touch requirements of gloves of different industries, different materials and different thicknesses.

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