Touch Screen Surface Treatment Solution

Anti reflection (AR), anti fingerprint (AF), anti glare (AG)


Anti-Reflection (AR)

Anti-reflection, abbreviation: AR, is to coat a layer of anti-reflection film on the surface of the LCD display touch screen substrate to form some interfaces, so that destructive interference occurs between the light waves reflected back through each interface and the light waves , increase the transmittance and reduce the reflectivity, thereby increasing the clear image quality of the LCD display touch screen, so as to reduce the phenomenon of glare. 1. For single-sided and single-layer AR structures, the transmittance can be increased to 92%, and if it is double-sided and double-layer structure, it can be increased to 94%. 2. Fingerprints are easy to damage the AR coating, so an anti-fingerprint film (AF) is usually added.


Anti-Fingerprint (AF)

Anti-fingerprint, abbreviation: AF, mainly uses the lotus leaf principle to coat a low surface energy tension film on the surface of the LCD display touch screen substrate, generally a fluorine-containing coating, which reduces the surface tension of the substrate. At the lowest level, it has strong hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-fingerprint capabilities; so as to achieve the effect of poor adhesion of stains on the surface of the LCD display touch screen and easy cleaning. 1. Stains are not easy to adhere to and easy to clean; 2. Good wear resistance, not easy to scratch; 3. The coefficient of kinetic friction is small, the surface is smooth, and the hand feels comfortable; 4. Form a transparent antifouling film without affecting the appearance of the product


Anti-glare (AG)

Anti-glare, abbreviation: AG, is a single-sided or double-sided special treatment on the surface of the LCD display touch screen substrate to achieve the effect of multi-angle diffuse reflection, thereby improving the LCD display touch screen film. The anti-fingerprint effect can also be added to the coating to further optimize the surface feel. Through light scattering and diffuse reflection, the reflection is reduced to achieve the purpose of preventing dizziness and glare, so as to create a clear and transparent visual space, so that the LCD display touch screen has better visual enjoyment.

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