Wide Viewing Angle Solution

IPS full view, 178 ° no dead angle, higher light transmittance, releasing colors from any angle


Wide Viewing Angle Solution

With the advent of the era of the Internet of Everything, LCD displays serve as a window for us to interact with the horizon, and everyone's performance requirements for LCD displays are also increasing. The biggest problem faced by the traditional TN-type LCD display is that the viewing angle is poor, often at a certain angle, the display is white, the color is distorted, and the saturation is obviously reduced. What solutions has Hifly Zhixian proposed to solve these problems?

Multidomain Vertically Oriented Wide Viewing Angle Technology

Multidomain Vertically Oriented Wide Viewing Angle Technology (MVA)

Hifly Zhixian adopts multi-domain vertical orientation wide viewing angle technology, which is commonly known as MVA. After using this technology, the long axis of the liquid crystal molecules is not parallel to the screen as in the TN mode when no power is applied, but when it is perpendicular to the liquid crystal, the liquid crystal molecules are inverted in different directions. In this way, when viewing the screen from different angles, compensation in the corresponding direction can be obtained, which improves the viewing angle. And with the principle of optical compensation, because the MVA mode can only improve the viewing angle in four directions, up, down, left and right, and other azimuth angles are still not ideal. The use of biaxial optical film compensation will greatly improve the viewing angle.


Viewing angle film compensation technology (WV Film+TN LCD)

The WV Film+TN LCD solution is the simplest one. We combine the twisted nematic (TN: Twisted Nematic) technology used in the old LCD displays with the TFT technology, and thus have the WV Film+TN LCD technology. This technology is mainly to expand the viewing angle by covering the display with a special film - the viewing angle can be expanded from 90 degrees to about 140 degrees.

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